Artist Statement

Oral storytelling through performance has been a vital part of my practice as a multidisciplinary artist. My artistic application has become pedagogy to my cultural self-discovery, building a foundational practice in Native Theatre, creative writing, visual art and film to inform and engage. My work in documentary, narrative, and experimental film is always rooted in community issues or family history and has screened at imagineNATIVE Film + Media arts festival, Dreamspeakers Film festival, Winnipeg Indigenous Film festival, Monument Valley Film festival and won two awards at the Cowichan Film festival. As a scriptwriter I have traveled to Chile to explore the connections of my people and the Mapuche in character and story.

Always feeling I was cast aside as a “Siwash” or more commonly known as “Half-breed” has led me to ask questions about identity, which has become a focal point in my artistic practice and healing through the arts my methodology. My work brings the personal to the public. I look at culture and colonial collision in community and how it has affected my youth. My community based practice aims to reduce the effects of the colonial lens and reflect a strong connection to culture through the arts, specifically my connection to the creative nature of my culture and reconnecting self to the land through the Captik and oral stories of my ancestors.

#SqilxwPrincess #SqilxwWoman
#SqilxwPrincess #SqilxwWoman
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