If Deer were Messengers

Question: If Deer were messengers – what is the message? What would be considered normal deer movement in any given day?
Drove around for 15 hours last weekend looking for 1 male to shoot. We were up Tahaetkun Mountain, which is in between Shorts Creek and Whitemans Creek. For what seemed like 10 hours we saw nothing – dead waste land. Zombie trees, long stumps left standing. There were birds and grasshoppers. That was it for sound. I spotted female deer on 3 separate times in all 15 hours. Every time I drive the 45 minutes from Westbank to OKIB I see at least 4 bucks and 6 does. Most of them within the Evely Provincial park and Whitemans Creek area. There are countless deer murders on BC roads on any given moment. Why are we allowing Mining and Clear Cut logging to continue this genocide by Food Sovereignty? If Deer on the road is a result of mass deforestation and surface mining, do we not have a responsibility to protect those that have sacrificed themselves as our sustenance? Why are there mass sections of Zombie trees on land that was once so rich we obtained our Visions there? Why? The message is clear?

Why can’t they see the message?


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