Horse Woman Doc

sn̓kłca̓ʔsqáx̌aʔ tkłmílxʷ Horse Woman is made possible with the support from TELUS STORYHIVE, and will be available for free on TELUS Optik TV in 2024

Currently in Post Production. 

A short documentary by Directors Mariel Belanger and Sienna Belanger-Lee.


A young Syilx language learner finds a deeper meaning to life when fire threatens, horses heal and women come together. Reconnecting to family, culture and land, in this coming-of-age story, Sienna realizes to stay is to be a steward to the land, horses and ourselves as responsibility to place.

Co-Producers: Mariel Belanger & Keli Westgate
Cinematography: Darko Sikman
Editor: Joseph Pinheiro
Assistant Director: Victoria Jaenig
Music: Lady Dia and the Kinfolk Choir

 Sienna Belanger-Lee

 x̌ixutəm, Shongswiigeezus (she/her), is from the Okanagan Nation, OKIB, located at the head of Lake Okanagan and is a student through UBC Okanagan obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the nsyilxcn/nqilxʷcn language through the BNLF program.

Sienna currently resides at nsəswl̓aʔxʷ – dry creek where she facilitates indigenous planting opportunities as well as her digital arts, language learning, and horsewomanship.

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