Various embodiments from Mariel Belanger’s performance life. Collaborators include: Performance with Jenifer Brousseau and Greg Younging. Photography by Hawk Mendoza, David Bernie, James Luna, Len Lindstrom, Nadya Kwendibens, Shawn Brigman PhD,  Rose Stiffarm, Tyrell Allison, Clair Dibble, Sienna Belanger-Lee, Erik Hrabovsky, Ashley Gregoire, Michelle Jack Phd, Aaron Leon, Chris Bose, Jill Janvier, Shawn Allison


“Illegal: Let us Live” performance Testify Collective

Mariel Belanger Official Facebook Page


Spe pu c’n: Their Voices Echo Across The Land

Earth Diver: Tattoo house

525: Not the Indian Princess You Expected

Spe pu c’n, Respect Fest

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