ESP: Embodied Mental Health

My MFA and PhD research centers on understanding the intersectionality of identity from a Syilx/French, Canadian Status Indian perspective and the northern Thompson/Columbia Plateau historical record specifically at O’Keefe Ranch and Okanagan Indian Band. Much of my pedagogy articulates a form of governance and cosmology that locates self in relation to the wellbeing of all things. Traditional Syilx storytelling is an interdisciplinary embodiment, weaving historical record, current event and personal interpretation with ecological knowledge and can be inspired by dreams in spiral time. We have the capacity to dream to remember our responsibility to —tmixw—ecology (Armstrong, 2014). The 49th parallel is an impact point that literally severs our connection to southern territories and relations.

My core philosophy centers on the idea that instead of looking out somewhere else, local historic record, lived experience and family based oral teachings through smimay7 a personal narrative of an event assists others in understanding how to better locate themselves as guests to place to be of service to tmixw specific place while exploring how captikwl or local governing stories of the animal people, through digital storytelling tools enable allyship to place.

Various embodiments from my embodied story performance life. Collaborators have included: Performance with Jenifer Brousseau and Greg Younging. Photography by Hawk Mendoza, David Bernie, James Luna, Len Lindstrom, Nadya Kwendibens, Shawn Brigman PhD,  Rose Stiffarm, Tyrell Allison, Clair Dibble, Sienna Belanger-Lee, Erik Hrabovsky, Ashley Gregoire, Michelle Jack PhD, Aaron Leon, Chris Bose, Jill Janvier, Shawn Allison,

Photos from Sqilxw Apna Summer Solstice celebration as part of the Nsisooloxw Project with Margo Tamez PhD, Mundia Kabunda, Trophy Ewila, Maura Tamez, Maria Alexis, Ashleigh Griffen, Victoria Jaeing (Baptiste), Kelsie Kilowna


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