What real women do

What is Balance

There is no safety in this world when women struggle to defeat
The claws of chaos ripping through me and ripping through you
That is what real woman do
Or so I’ve been taught by women I know
They say the shittiest things I’m sure they one day regret
It’s not bad enough the voice in my head
She tells me

Therapy does wonders for people in understanding their destructiveness,
it doesn’t cure people but at least they can talk about it.
I have this voice inside of me that I battle on a regular basis.
She tells me I’m worthless. She tells me all the bad things are true about me, that I am nothing.
Somedays……….. she almost wins.
Its too bad when we can’t see the happiness of someone for what it means to them

That’s what real women do. They struggle to defeat
The claws of chaos that keep ripping through

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