Writings from Charlies Lake

The last time I came to this lake, I lied on the shore all day.

The sun was hot that day and the water refreshing.

Today, a pair of bald eagles fly off to parts unknown.

The lake is alive with sound

And the wind blows through my hair

There is a deeper connection here.

But again

I am drawn to the water more so than the land

It is the water that tells me

I’m home

The land is different than up my end of the territory

I feel no fear here

Only because of the water

The land speaks

The water whispers

They converse with

Each other

Through the wind

The water whispers

It calls to me

I am home when I hear

It lap upon the shore

And here in this sacred place

It chatters

through the wind to the land

and I eavesdrop

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