Picto Prophecy

The original concept of the project was to use the hype of the 2012 Maya prophesies to help boost the interest of the prophetic stories and artwork we as North American indigenous peoples possess (Specifically Syilx, Wigano, Sepwepmec and T’Uy’Tanat) and its role and function within our nations.

This installation provides a New Media marker for historical markers on our land such as pictograph paintings, rock landmarks, Totem poles and Story poles. These markers left stories for indigenous peoples based on dreams and visions, which ended up as prophecies. These new contemporary markers provide guidance for these prophesies through an installation integrating audio, video and new media.

My digital marker tells the story of Pillar Rock located at the territorial boundary of the sqilxw (people of the land in n’syilxcen) A large vinyl piece with a section of a news release from our elders on the 2010 vandalism and provincial decision to allow this sacred site to become a public spectacle. The online video is geotagged and available for viewing at the physical site through smart phone technology where the viewer is guided through a poetic journey to respect and understanding of what this pillar means to the local sqilxw people.

The website for this project is http://react2012.com/geotag/index.php

My check in is between Kamloops and Vernon on the map

Attached is a photo of the installation part of the project from the Arnica Kamloops exhibition

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