HalfBreed Superman

The truth is I am probably one of a thousand faces he meets everyday

But still I remember the day I turned my gaze far to the left to study the faces

In a room of very important people speaking to very important subjects

And saw him sitting in the corner with his dark rimmed glasses

And hair tightly braided.

My body magnetized

I imagined him to have a super hero suit on, under his t-shirt and sports jacket

One that reflected his intellect and capacity to read through legal jargon while

Armed with traditional knowledge for which he could connect each other to

Like a contemporary warrior assisting in the saving of the people on a global level.

And for a moment, the room emptied and all I could see was

The man whom I wanted to save me

I didn’t even know him then. He was an anomaly to me.

And from across the room I couldn’t help but stare

And look away when he caught my eyes

Across the room full of very important people speaking to very important subjects

And in that moment it occurred to me that I was amongst someone greater

Than ever before and I was witnessing the birth of a movement to be carried by

a Halfbreed Superman

He was gentle and kind and walked me to my car in conversation about

My thespian studies and the politics of language and I was intrigued

I wanted to hear more, learn more, find more to connect our stories

And he offered to meet me again to share a resource of his he thought

I’d be interested in. I blushed at the thought

He thought I’d be interested and I was

We chatted when he shared the book with me, one I have yet to give back

No one has ever lent me a book that spoke directly to my passion

No one has ever spoke directly to my passion through politics

And those conversations that we now have always evoke a new direction

A yearning for a simpler time and when I told him I never had deer

He carried me out on the land where I needed to be

Halfbreed Superman

He who walks amongst the chosen ones, the fallen ones, and pitiful ones

Who builds nations with words, action and duty

Who suffers for the people, gathers for the people and protects the people

I want to shelter him, protect him and help him while he puts himself

Out there with nothing but his words, his hands and body

To nurse him, feed him, rebuild him when he’s fallen

But he is like the moon to me vigilant, tirelessly doing work to keep balance

And like the moon he is far from my reach, maybe too far to reach

Still I listen and watch waves dance to the rhythm of his step,

I follow his quiet influence from here saving myself with his gentle ways

His own gravity breathing change with his superman power slightly contained behind

His dark rimmed glasses and hair tightly braided

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