Sitting on a rock
warmed by the sun
fierce cold blows all 'round
still warmed by the sun.
Monkey tail
Monkey puzzle
there are no monkeys in Chile
but the white man 
spoke it
so they say it is.
Spiny spindles 
Mother, grandmother
Life giving tree
Since pre-HIStory 
Big Puma
Warrior training
secret mountain
where they gathered
I can see it from here
this forest is alive with
fox and deer
Araucanian trees
where granite crumbles 
and red earth meets the serpents head
A warriors place
these lands that guide me
aided by my condor friend
to the place they are 
protecting like warriors do
The headwaters 
where she speaks her song
where wind blows fierce
my fingers grasping
cold notebook
Eagle calling home

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