Controversial Video Set on Rez Depicts Drug Use, Violence and Sundance

Controversial Video Set on Rez Depicts Drug Use, Violence and Sundance

So this white musician from Europe (of all places) romanticizes the perpetual Vanishing Indian. Never quite vanishing because frankly we never were vanishing.

European travellers did not kill us all. They did not wipe us all out. They made sure only the strong survived. And we have. We continue to survive. There is nothing Vanishing about us.

But anyway in lala land here is this European White Male who writes a familiar tale of tragedy. It is a reality. That’s what happens when Countries like Canada and United States of America Australia, New Zealand continue to apply massive amounts of pressure to assimilate.

We have not assimilated. We are adapting our practice like any living people. We have exceeded early considerations regarding our brain capacity. We were savages after all. I mean to think we figured out totally Green Societies with negative carbon footprint since time immemorial.

Please white guy this sickness has only only been around our people since your people got here. You yours directly since those were the people that came here in droves and droves forcing us out of our ECOmmunities and traditional lives. They resumed their Evil People Eaters ways, gobbling down sacred geological anomalies with their open pit mining techniques, their Fracking, Drilling  – lazy destroyers of the land. Possessed like Zombies to be ‘driven’.  They used their primitive means of extraction for sustainability. So antiquated.

And this White musician guy thinks he’s doing a service to this community contradicting the words in his song with the images he portrays. So unimaginative, like really random white guy? You don’t think 6 million other white guys already did this and failed? Get original at least.

Well and anyway of course the song is called Alive but he kills an Indigenous Woman and lays Guilt on the Indian Gangster. Who’s never had a life that offered hope. What is your real issue here Josh Cole? What is your intent by killing Indian Women on TV and then negating her death with a song called Alive. Who’s warped story are you telling?

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