According to the Times

I’ve lived my life according

To the Times

Progress was fast

Changes occured

Before proper thought

Train wreck or not

Depends on the


Of those at that time

Yet to still be standing

However battered and bruised

With self-inflicted guilt

And self-created pride

Just like the times

I chased those dreams

I tried new things

I accumulated and consumed

Just like the times

Choices in motion have

The ability to come to a

Screeching hault

Even…. disappear

Those times fell away

After the wreckage

The wreckage brought new life

Thoughtful, considerate innocence

And I’ve lived my life

According to those times

My time My youth

Extreme highs, extreme lows

Hustling to be all

To do all

Those times told us

“Life is short, make the most of it”

So just like those times

I made the most of it

I did all I could

I did some good in those times

Our time raised

New life, new members, new warriors

Giving both hands to grow

New minds, new media, new pride

And just like the times change

We change

With each new life, new member, new mind

Our time becomes their time

To live their lives

According to the Times


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