To Construct is to Deconstruct and other Radical ideas

A twitter rant

Construction is tool to control

Make work projects keeps the slaves busy. Is it a cycle of combustion?

Romans encountered same issues as today. Contamination, garbage, waste. Some people killed off all their animals.

Our legends kept our animals safe for a reason

How do you connect to the land? Do you stop at the cement? My people walked all over this land the imprint of their existence is concrete in the sand and the dirt that makes the cement.

To Construct is to Deconstruct

There are always those who oppose us, few try to understand us. They don’t like how we’re so connected maybe. That deep down they know they don’t belong…But they can only express their experiences through the limitations of a trade language that has no real belonging and a long history of violence. The English language confuses all.

One thing for sure, the English language is so complicated, it creates radicals naturally. Radicals can also be called Loopholes.

Loopholes are valuable to a policy maker. It gets them out of trouble when they use the words of their people to complicate

A Loophole is a situation in policy that can be read either way. Depending on the intent of the reader. A Loophole can be used either way for the good of the people or the good of the government. Policy makers don’t usually think about people when they write government docs.

One of the earliest Governmental policies was to interbreed with the natives: To breed them out. What they did was create a breathing Loophole.

When a Loophole doesn’t work for the government, they are called a Radical.

When Louie Riel stopped working for the gov’t, he became a Radical.

Louie Riel was so radical he went against the government to stand up for his people. For that He was hung.

There are some Loopholes in politics who work for the government. They are not radicals.

Urban Coyotes. They lived here first it was only a matter of time before they reclaimed their hunting grounds. That’s radical.

Peter Kropotkin was a prince, but as anarchism’s biggest theorists he wrote about social change to better living for all of humanity.

He spoke about morality and ethics, mutual aid and other social injustices present in an oppressive society.

That’s Rad.

What I learned through this is that the government banishes anyone who maintains their connection to the land and people

Radicals are created through action

Some radicals are created after they go against the government. Some radicals are born from the situations of the government

Because of its need to complicate everything the government can never truly accomplish it’s ultimate goal.


I’m guessing government has never fully realized this when it continues this sad cycle

Some radicals are fast acting, once they become radical. Others grow to realize their inherent abilities through inner conflict.

A Radical isn’t so much a person.

It is an inspiration.

Some inspirations are people

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