ImagineNative here I come

I just booked my flight on Westjet to travel to this years ImagineNative film and New Media festival. I have been developing my new media skills with the assistance of Alternator Gallery in Kelowna and through the amazing mentoring and collaborating with the Ullus Collective.

The last time I was in Toronto, it was for a film I had created through Alternator and Ullus. The project was titled “Faultlines” and it was made to screen at the “On Common Ground” conference

It was a short piece titled “I still hear my granny speak”

Time to raise some funds now. I don’t mind the struggle for money anymore so much. It builds character. makes me break old cycles and shift perspective. It’s a work in process.
Maybe that’s something more to do with this shift in life I am experiencing as well. A few of my friends close to their 40’s are going through the beginning of the change 

Like the mayans predicted. And like an awakening, I heard my granny speak.

She told me about her great grandfather Dr Williams, a medicine man of our people.He is many of our ancestor. His blood runs through me and my children and will be carried on in their children’s children.

Her stories have inspired me in my newest projects with Ullus and Alternator. Protect and honour our sacred places. Our church is outside, if one must assign a religion to spirituality.  

I’m building my grandmother’s legacy. She was such an amazing, strong, creative woman. She comes from strong medicine lines. That blood runs through me.

I am proud to bring life to my grandmothers words. To listen to them and to feel the medicine again.

She’s worth remembering. I feel a power coming

Mary Abel. Matriarch of of our family. Rancher and land owner. Independent strong sqilxw woman. Taught me how to be strong. This is my grandmother, Granddaughter to a medicine man. Song holder, story teller. She like many okanagan women handmade buckskin gloves and sold them for 1.25 a pair. If you know how hard it is to hand tan a hide, you know just how strong she is.

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