A fresh start

Just recently I clued into the world of Twitter and found a niche fetish with my newsfeed. I could quickly scan and re-tweet while having my coffee in the morning, during break, at lunch time. It’s endless #research on rotate. It’s been an interesting experience…

Yesterday.. I lost my blackberry. I couldn’t tweet from my phone

I feel like I missed a whole days worth of sharing information and reading interesting news or helpful articles.

I realize I’ve almost been consumed by it.

Ironic because I’ve been writing about People Eaters, who in their own time were powerful consumers from tali xsapi – long ago (pardon my spelling of the n’syilxcen spelling I am a beginner writer) Even a good thing needs to be used in moderation.

So thankfully, we go camping throughout the summer and ice fishing in the winter. I bring my camera and document our family adventures as sqilxw.

This past summer brought me to my husband’s absolute most favorite childhood campground for the first time in the almost 5 years that we’ve been together. I have to admit, it was the most amazing place I’ve felt in a long time. There’s ancient powers there, the old ones are alive, I saw them in the rocks. I heard them in the forest and my blood danced. Image

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