CV Mariel Belanger

Interdisciplinary Curriculum Vitae

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2021 – PHD Queens University – Cultural Studies: Sqilxw Worlding
2020 – PHD York University – Graduate Theatre Studies: Sqilxw Performance Theory
2018 – MFA UBC-O – Interdisciplinary: Performance & Indigenous Studies
2015 – BFA UBCO – Interdisciplinary Studies: Performance
2007 – Enowkin Centre National Aboriginal Professional Artist Training Program: Traditional Fusions
2003 – Algonquin College General Arts and Sciences: Broadcasting and Communications


2020 – Mentorship in Directing: Merchants of the Wild, APTN
2020 – Indigenous Storytellers and Spoken Word Residency, Banff Centre
2019 – Care of Objects in Indigenous Cultural Centres, Canadian Conservation Institute, BC Museums Association
2019 – Exhibition Development with Tim Willis, BC Museums Association
2018&19 – Coyote Writers and Tricksters BC Women in Film Script Writing Seminar
2008 – Banff Centre – Aboriginal Emerging Writers Workshop
2008 – Gulf Island Film and TV School Documentary Workshop
2006-10 – Actors Foundry Matthew Harrison Scene Intensives multiple years


2021 – “Reminders for the People” Artist Curator, LALA Contemporary Gallery Toronto
2020 – “Sqilxw Woman: She Brings Bundles.” Artist Curator, Terrain Gallery Spokane
2019 – “Atklokem” Group Exhibition Lake country Art Gallery
2019 – “Her Body Will Remember” Group Exhibition Kelowna Art Gallery
2018 -“Solstice Dreamer” Artist Curator, Pop Up Exhibition Okanagan Indian Band
2018 -“The Earth Re:Claimed Her” Artist Curator, Greenhow Museum Okeefe Ranch
2017 – “Water: The Sacred Relationship” Exhibiting artist, Vernon Art Gallery, Kama Collective
2017 – “Re:Claiming the Taken” Exhibiting artist, Enowkin, Penticton Art Gallery
2016 – “Embodying Legacy at En’owkin” Exhibiting artist Penticton Art Gallery
2015 – “The Earth Reclaimed Her” Exhibiting Artist Turning IGS Conference J. Angel FIPA Gallery UBCO
2015 – “Through a mirror, Darkly” Exhibiting Artist, FCCS UBCO/ Alternator Gallery
2015 – “Latitude 49.88” Exhibiting artist, UBCO Interdisciplinary Performance Showcase
2015 – “Drawing the Line at Boundary Road” Red Dress Project, Boundary Road Vancouver
2015 – “Pulling Threads” Exhibiting artist/coordinator Vernon Art Gallery
2014 – “Showing our Artwork” Exhibiting artist Enowkin Centre/ Ullus Collective
2014 – “Puti Kala” “Decolonize Me” Exhibiting artist, Vernon Art Gallery
2013 – “Transformers” Exhibiting Artist, Gallery Vertigo
2012 – “Transformations” Exhibiting Artist, Vernon Public Art Gallery


2020 – “Merchants of the Wild” director mentee Season 3 APTN in production
2020 – “The Bannocking” Barbara web series
2019- Tricksters and Writers Actor Staged Read Workshop “Reminders for the People” Vancouver Women In Film Festival
2018 – “Experiencing Resonance as a Practice of Ritual Engagement” Editor. Produced by Virginie Magnat, UBCO,ICER
2018 – “Head of the Lake Women” guest Quest Out West: Wildfoods S2, APTN,
2018 – “It happened that way” PSA Okanagan Nation Alliance, Producer/Director
2016 – “River of Silence” Helen Wolf, Michael Auger, PD Chalifoux Sohkeciwin Productions
2014 – “Hilda’s Story” and “Intergenerational Effects” 20 min Writer/Director/Producer Long Journey Home – Residential School Documentary series, Penticton Museum Ullus Collective
2014 – “Bihttos” Mom, Elle-Maija Tailfeathers, Bravo/ImagineNative Film Festival Embarago Collective
2014 – “Into the Grizzly Maze” Mary Cadellac David Hackl Indomitable Entertainment
2012 – “Reminders for the People” Writer/Director Picto Prophecies – Digital Poetics/ Art Experimental – Alternator Gallery/ Ullus Collective
2011 “A Song for Tigerlily” Writer/Director, GeoTag Art Exhibition Alternator Gallery/ Ullus Collective
2010 – “Twilight Eclipse” Third Wife David Slade Summit Entertainment
2010 – “Xixutem” Writer/Director Women of the Okanagan Alternator Gallery/ Ullus Collective
2010 – “Wolf Canyon” Production Assistant Alan Harmon Really Real Films
2010 – “Beast of Bottomless Lake “Receptionist” Craig March Provost Pictures
2009- “Tecumseh’s Vision” Tecumseh’s Mother Chris Eyre PBS
2008 – “I still hear my granny speak” Writer/Director Alternator Gallery/ Ullus Collective, imagineNative Film Festival, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival


2020 – “Sqilxw Apna: The People Now” Live & Online Vernon Performing Arts Centre
2019 -“Illegal: Let Use Live” workshop performance, Pacific Contact
2019 – “Illegal: Let Us Live” Performance collaboration Testify Collective Kelowna Art Gallery
2019 – “Sqilxw Woman: Our Lives on the Water” – Nelson Mural Festival
2019 – “Beneath The Surface” community engaged theatre imagi’NATION Collective
2019 – “Their Voices Carry Across the Land: Canoe stories” Waterlution, SD #23
2019 – “White Noise” as Ts’ekwi. Taran Kootenhayoo writer, Renae Morriseau director, Savage Society, Talking Stick Festival
2018 – “Not a Judicial Terra Nullius” collaboration Testify Collective Saskatoon
2018 – “Not The Indian Princess You Expected”, MFA performance, Okeefe Ranch Vernon
2018 – “Spe pu c’n: Their Voices Carried Across the Land”. UBC Okanagan, Neskonlith Lake Bush Gallery
2018 – “Illegal: Let us Live” Performance collaborative Testify Collective, Montreal, North Battleford, Vernon, Boston,Santa Fe, Saskatoon, Victoria
2017 – “Illegal: Let us Live” Performance collaborative Testify Collective, Toronto, Windsor, London,Penticton
2017 – “Illegal: Let us Live: Testify”Chilean version Ticnamar, Putre Chile
2017 – “Spe pu c’n – Their Voices Echo Across the Land” Solo Performance Vernon
2016 – “Illegal: Let us Live” Performance collaborative Testify Collective, Vancouver,Nanaimo, Windsor
2016 – “An Evening of Strong Indigenous Women” Solo Performance Vancouver
2015/16 – “Beneath the Surface” Angry Mother J. Brousseau imagiNation
Chilliwack, Vancouver
2015 – “The Gamble” SiYa Storytelling VISA 460 E BFA performance UBCO Kelowna
2015 – “Hall of Femme” Indigenous Woman 4th Year Thesis UBCO, Kelowna
2015 – “K’asapiʔ A long time ago…Lutiʔ ɬʔ t̕l’axwilx iʔ st̕lsqilxʷ – xʷaʕylxʷ ,
National Aborignal Professional Artist Training, Enowkin Centre 5 Talking Stick Festival


2019 – “stəqpistns iʔ pqlqin / kihew omīkwan Eagle Feather” New Directions for Theorizing in Qualitative Inquiry Norman Denzin, James Salvo. Myers Educational Press
2019 – “Experiencing Resonance as a Practice of Ritual Engagement” co-authored chapter in RESEARCH AND RECONCILIATION Andrea Breen, Lindsay Dupre, Shawn Wilson
2018 – “Tribute to James Luna” alt.Theatre cultural diversity and the stage magazine Vol 14.3
2018 – “We Came Singing” co-authored article Jill Carter, Virginie Magnat. alt.Theatre cultural diversity magazine and the stage Vol 14.3
2018 – “Tule mat lodge” alt.Theatre cultural diversity and the stage Vol 14.2 Curator/contributing writer
2017 – “Series: A Return to Place – Embodied Story Practice” and “Peter Morin: Expert Time Travel Conductor” alt.Theatre cultural diversity and the stage, Vol 14.1 contributing writer, page 26, 31
2012 – “Honouring Indigenous Women: Hearts of Nations Vol 2” Poet page 7, Ottawa IPSO Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement
2001 – “Transformation – Gatherings XII Literary Journal” poet page 35-37 F. Belmore, E Ostrowidzki Penticton Theytus Books
2000 – “Our Words Our Revolutions” Poetry Anthology, poet, S. Harding Toronto INANNA publications


2021 – A Decolonizing Activation – Theatre Department, York University
2021 – Indigenous Performance Practices – UBCO Summer Indigenous Arts Intensive
2020 – Decolonizing Research – Indigenous Research Methodologies in western Academic Institutions. California Institute of Integral Studies
2020 – Sqilxw Healing: Indigenous Arts Research Methods – INDI 820-A, Elizabeth Fast, Concordia University
2019 – Illegal Let us Live – Testify: Using Interdisciplinary Performance Art as method of engaging community dialogue – UBCO Summer Indigenous Institute, variation of also at Gonzaga Ethnicity Race and Indigenous Peoples conference
2019 – Embodied Story Practice: Elementary workshops in captikwl story embodiments. Okanagan Indian Band, nkmaplqs isnmamayatn klsqilxwtet school, Okeefe Ranch
2018 – Testify Collective Panel at Co-Create Collective Wisdom Symposium, MIT Boston
2018 – “The Earth Reclaimed Her: Embodied Story Practice” International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry
2017 – “Pulling Threads” Building Youth Land connections through Embodiments Native American Indigenous Studies Association Vancouver
2017 – Honouring Cultural Diversity through Intergenerational and Cross-Cultural Collective Vocal Practice” Canadian Association of Theater Research with Dr. V. Magnat, J. Carter, V.Kelly and C. Derickson Toronto
2017 – Honouring Cultural Diversity through Intergenerational and Cross-Cultural Collective Vocal Practice International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry with Dr Virginie Magnat and Cori Derickson Champaign-Urbana Illinois
2017 – “Indigenous Perspectives in Photography” TA VISA 110 Digital Photography A. Rutkauskas, F. Helfand UBC-O
2017 – “Bridging Stories: Discussions in Creative Industries and Protocol” Power point/Performance/ Community discussions Aymara Territory, Arica, Socorama, Ticnamar, Putre. Recua Productions
2017 – “Decolonizing through Artistic Practice” Video lecture UBCO CULT 100, Dr. R Lee
2017 – “Developing an Embodied Story Practice” UBCO INDIG 304 Field Methods (Pre-Engagement Strategies)  Dr. M.Tamez
2014 – They Connect Story Development, Visitor Protocol engagement with Lonko (chief) Jorge Calfuqueo and the Llaguepulli Community council Chile
2014 – “Public Art – Indigenous Perspective” CARFAC Shatner Centre for the arts
2014 – “Okanagan Water & Biodiversity Forum” Panel Video Presentation, Sqilxw Apna Society, UBCO
2012 – “Panelist – Picto Prophecies GPS Media Art” imagineNATIVE Media Arts/ Ullus Collective, Toronto


2021-2022 Teyonkwayenawá:kon – Queens University Graduate Scholarship
2021 – Ontario Graduate Scholarship – York University 2020 – Domestic PHD Fellowship – York University 2020 – BC Arts Council Scholarship 2018 – Outstanding Indigenous Graduate Student, International Congress of Qualitative Research 2017 – SSHRC Canadian Masters of Fine Art scholarship 2017 – UBCO Aboriginal Fellowship 2016 – National Indian Brotherhood Scholarship 2014 – Deans List UBCO FCCS BFA Interdisciplinary Studies: Performance 2013 – Deans List UBCO FCCS BFA Interdisciplinary Studies: Performance 2009 – Okanagan Nation Women’s Giving to our Children & Youth Award


2020 BC Arts Council Youth Arts Engagement 2019 First People’s Cultural Council AADA 2020 Jury                                                              2019 “Museum mentorship and Mariannes Tule mat house”, Okeefe Ranch FPCC 2019 “Marsh Materials” Sharing Traditions Across Generations Sqilxw Apna, FPCC 2018  “Egalitarianism and the Isolation Lodge” FPCC 2018 “Skinning the Salishant Sturgeon Nose Canoe” FPCC 2018  Graduate Student Board member, Canadian Association for Theatre Research  2017 UBCO Travel Grant to International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana Illinois 2017 UBCO Tuum Est “Tule Mat Lodge” display UBCO 2014 BC Arts Council “Professional Development” Cultural liaison, Chile 2014 Canada Council for the Arts “Story development” Travel Grant, Chile 2014 First Peoples Cultural Council “Pulling Threads” Youth Arts Engagement Vernon 2013 “Youth Engagement in Arts” BC Arts Council 2012 Canada Council for the Arts “imagineNative Film Festival Travel Grant Toronto 2009 12 First People Cultural Council AADA Sookinchoot Youth Media Program Vernon 2008 Canada Council for the Arts “imagineNative Film Festival Travel Grant Toronto

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