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The N’sisooloxw Watershed Corridor Improvement Project (NWCI) manager Erik Hrabovsky and Sqilxw Apna Society are proud to present our first year of completion and restoration work in the N’sisooloxw Creek watershed! Our society has been working hard to create a pivot point for transformation on OKIB territory with our community collaboration project.

The NWCI project had particular outcomes and findings through the year of testing, listening, and watching. These particular findings are organized for future research and/or partners.

1. For the most part, the potable comprehensive water tests performed by Caro Analytic Laboratories revealed that the water would be safe to drink if fecal coliforms could be removed. Fencing and wildlife water troughs should be considered.

2. The ceramic filter tested seems to filter out coliforms, while barely affecting other measured parameters.

3. Flooding can be dramatically reduced as an issue utilizing permaculture methods and would be recommended for further and larger projects.

4. The water in the N’sisooloxw Watershed is very low (or nonexistent) in bioavailable Nitrogen and Orthophosphate throughout the year as measured using Hach Field Test Kits.

5. Cultural connections to water and watersheds are important for community building around water ways.

6. Water stewardship needs to be encouraged.

7. Water projects benefit from collaborating with local residents. Education and eco-consultation workshops should be a part of all projects.

8. A number of plants and ‘weeds’ found in the corridor are edible or beneficial in some way. Research should be continued to promote native landscaping and education about the plants’ roles in the ecosystem.

9. Rotting leaves and silica in the creek seem to have an effect in the concentration of aluminum in the water. This is based on the Caro results, research, and observation.

10. Soil amendments (bark, mulch, compost and clay) all seem to influence the germination of particular latently present seeds. This may have to do with pH, mechanical tilling, general soil disruptions, sun exposure or the properties of the past year’s climate conditions.

11. The alkalinity (171-288 mg/L) and pH (8.02-8.45) remain relatively consistent through the different seasons of 2017-18.

12. Biofiltration, including natural plant uptake or nutrient processing pathways, should be further investigated for how these mechanisms clean water. Now that the NWCI pilot project is in place, further samples should be taken to track changes over time. Mycelium, moss, charcoal, and particle filters should be researched along with other biofilters and membrane filters to determine how they impact the water quality.

13. Neighbours, peers, and Elders are important partners in projects. Much of this project would not have been possible without their involvement.

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